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Basic Information


Epidemiology and Health Services (Epidemiologia e Serviços de Saúde) is a technical-scientific quarterly journal, with open-access, edited by the General Coordination for the Development of Epidemiology in Health Services, Department of Management in Health Surveillance of the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Its main mission is to disseminate epidemiological knowledge applicable to surveillance, prevention and disease control relevant to Public Health, aiming to improve services offered by BrazilianNational Health System (SistemaÚnico de Saúde - SUS).

Epidemiology and Health Services journal is the continuation of SUS Epidemiological Report (Informe Epidemiológico do SUS - IESUS), created in 1992 after the constitution of the National Center of Epidemiology (CENEP). In 2003, from volume 12, issue 1 on, it was renamed Epidemiology and Health Services.

Its abbreviation is Epidemiol. Serv. Saúde, which is tobe used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliography references and subtitles.




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  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Literatura Latino-Americana em Ciências da Saúde (LILACS)
  • Sistema Regional de Información en Línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal (Latindex)
  • Sumarios.org
  • Periódicos CAPES/MEC


Intellectual Property


The published articles are the authors' responsibility and do not necessarily express the Ministry of Health view. The total or partial reproduction is allowed, as long as the source is mentioned and it is not for selling or any other commercial purpose. All of the journal’s content, except where identified, is licensed by Creative Commons License, type BY-NC.




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